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    Flow Control and Safety Solutions

    From wellhead to point of sale: electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic control and safety systems are essential for the ongoing efficiency and safety of your operations.

From wellhead to point of sale: our electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic control and safety solutions are essential for the ongoing efficiency and safety of your operations

Hydraulic Power Units and Control Systems

Our Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are designed to provide low and high pressure filtered hydraulic fluid to topside and subsea control valves. In the event of a loss of power, stored volume is provided via accumulators for operation as a safety critical function. Our various Hydraulic Control Systems also facilitate the safe operation and maintenance of essential subsea and surface equipment whilst minimising downtime.

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Gas Modular Wellsite Skid

Modular Wellsite Skids

Our Oil and Gas Modular Wellsite Skids contain a complete wellsite control and safety process system, all integrated onto a single skid. This provides a fully tested, ready-to-operate and easily transportable production module to support a prompt installation and fast start-up.

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Chemical Injection Systems

Protect your assets and improve performance with solutions to support contaminant removal, enhanced recovery techniques and hydrocarbon conditioning.

Delivering a highly accurate and repeatable dosage, our Chemical Injection Units can deliver a wide range of chemicals at a fixed pressure or to a required flow rate with closed loop feedback.

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Wellhead Control Panels (WHCPs)

Performing a safety critical function on manned and unmanned platforms, our Wellhead Control Panels (WHCPs) are designed for monitoring, controlling and shutdown of various subsurface and surface valves.

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Surge Relief Systems

Our Surge Relief Systems are built with both accident prevention and equipment longevity in mind, responding quickly yet smoothly in an emergency. Through clear specification and correct installation, our experienced engineers can design and manufacture Surge Relief Systems for pipelines, storage terminals and marine loading and offloading that will prevent accidents while limiting damage to equipment.

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High-Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

Our High-Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) are Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) designed to prevent over-pressurisation of pipelines and downstream plants. Employed in high pressure processes, HIPPS will close dedicated shut-off valves if the pressure exceeds the defined system parameters, mitigating the risk of damage to downstream equipment and helping to ensure operational safety.

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Emergency Shutdown Control Systems (ESDs)

Seamlessly shutting down processes in a structured and reliable manner during an emergency, Alderley ESD Control Systems leave you confident in knowing your assets are controlled and safeguarded at all times.

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Electrical Control Panels

An extensive range of Electrical control panels can be designed and manufactured for a variety of industries and environments, including zone 0/1/2 and non-hazardous areas. The panels can be designed to many industrial standards including ATEX, IECEx, NORSOK and NEC.

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Pressurised Control Cabins

Pressurised Control Cabins (PCCs) create a safe area office environment for personnel and equipment, with built-in HVAC and power control systems. They can be sized to contain the varied equipment requirements and personnel numbers to suit each application.

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Asset Integrity and Inspection Services

Ensure the ongoing performance of both your safety critical and control systems with our range of service solutions, including inspection and upgrade services as well as training solutions to ensure operational best practice.

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