Smart Asset Management

Transform your measurement data into remotely accessible insight.

One platform.
5x connected and configurable modules.

About Smart Asset Management

Smart Asset Management is the intelligent digital measurement solution for the global energy industry.

Seamlessly interfacing with your metering systems and data
transmission points, or your existing data lake.  Smart Asset
Management brings all your flow measurement data together and,
with its powerful and proprietary intelligent calculation tools, transforms your measurement data into remotely accessible insight.

We work with some of the biggest names in the energy industry, and
we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution that meet your needs, which is why we have a customisable cloud-platform solution.

Smart Asset Management has five specially configured modules
designed to achieve your objectives – each module can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Smart Asset Management is available via a single annual license

As part of your annual license, you’ll have access to our dedicated
support team and resources to ensure you always get the most
from your system.

As a cloud-platform solution, you’ll also benefit from all module
updates and enhancements as soon as they are implemented.
That’s why we call it an evergreen solution

Data Acquisition and Communication

Next generation intelligent edge-based data acquisition and secure communication technology.

A critical challenge to overcome in the pursuit of efficient operations is the information gap between often stranded asset data and the insight required for on- and off-site experts to make informed decisions.

Alderley Connect, a next generation intelligent edge based data collection system, was developed to achieve just this and an collect and translate any digital or analogue input to any output. With the ability to interface with flow computers, transmitters, meters, and gas chromatographs, translate the data and securely publish it into Smart Asset Management via the cloud.

Flow Measurement Management

Everything you need to digitally record, statistically validate and prove your measurement activity.

Containing a comprehensive library of flow measurement calculations and centrally manageable and accessible entry forms, Flow Measurement Monitoring gives you everything you need to record, validate and prove your measurement activity.

  • Instrument management: centrally control all of your measurement instrument validation activities.
  • Meter prove: manage proving activities  and validate each prove with robust statistical techniques.
  • Electronic logbook: securely record the history of all events relating to your measurement system.
  • Document management: access all system related documentation when and where you need it.

Automated Metering Reporting System

Dynamic and fully auditable automated reporting of your flow measurement system performance.

Many of your mandatory and often manual reporting processes, such as: ETS emissions reporting; mismeasurement, dispensation and deviation reporting; and fiscal exposure reporting, can be fully automated – saving you time and money and reducing the risk of manual error.

Smart Asset Management’s cloud-based Emissions Reporting System fully automates your emissions monitoring plan and reporting requirements. Seamlessly connecting with your existing data lake or directly with your onsite data transmission points the Emissions Reporting System continually assesses your emissions performance.

Complete Activity Management System

A fully digital activity management solution to support the planning and completion of all site work.

Smart Asset Management’s complete activity management system is the fully digital software solution to support the planning and completion of all maintenance, inspection, audit and associated site activities.

  • Activity planning and management 
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Audit Tracking and reporting
  • On-site performance, accessed via a zone-rated tablet device
  • Consistent and 2-way feedback

Performance Based Monitoring

A fully digital activity management solution to support the planning and completion of all site work.

Through continuous assessment of your equipment, Smart Asset Management’s innovative Performance Based Monitoring
solution supports the early detection of potential problems with your asset.

It does this by combining all the benefits of a world-class condition-based monitoring system, such as 24/7 monitoring, automated alerts and clear traffic-light status indicators, deep-dive diagnostics, multi-layer analysis and built-in troubleshooting, with real-time asset performance monitoring.

Enhance the value and efficiency of your energy assets
with Smart Asset Management

Each module is customisable to meet your specific requirements

The fully integrated end-to-end intelligent digital measurement solution for the global energy industry

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