Metering services

Delivering assured performance throughout the life of your measurement system

The cost of mismeasurement

Understanding and controlling your flow measurement system performance is of paramount importance.

Even the smallest unmanaged change can have a significant impact on your operational and financial performance. Therefore, effective inspection, maintenance and calibration is not only recommended, it is often a contractual or regulatory requirement.

Mobile proving services to reduce downtime and ensure the ongoing performance of your liquid metering system

On-site calibration, complete peace of mind

Utilising our in-house developed mobile Small Volume Prover, Alderley’s flow measurement experts will test and verify the performance of your liquid custody metering system, prover or master meter directly at your site.

This helps ensure ongoing measurement system performance and complete peace of mind whilst minimising downtime.

Mobile Small Volume Prover

Housed within a trailer mountable 20’ container, Alderley’s Small Volume Prover can be used for the direct calibration of turbine, Coriolis, PD* and ultrasonic* meters on site.

*3” or 8” turbine master meters will be used for the calibration of PD meters over 4” and ultrasonic meters.

Ensuring asset integrity is vital for the safety of your staff and the reliability of your operations.

Utilising Inspection Manager, Alderley can provide complete asset integrity management support for all your flow measurement systems, regardless of original equipment supplier.


Keep your operations running smoothly

Customised to your requirements, our maintenance and long-term service solutions give you all the support you need

One platform.
5x connected and configurable modules.

Smart Asset Management is the fully integrated end-to-end intelligent
digital measurement solution.

Smart Asset Management is also a measurement-first solution: the
platform has been developed to best interface with measurement
systems – working seamlessly and securely with your measurement
assets to acquire and analyse your once stranded data and transform it
into remotely accessible insight.

Complete through-life support

Repeatedly partnering with some of the biggest names in the energy industry, our customers benefit from unrivalled customer service, market leading solutions and complete through-life support.

From front-end engineering, manufacturing and testing at our state-of-the-art facilities, to installation, commissioning and aftermarket services to optimise asset performance, Alderley is your trusted partner all your metering needs.

For complete peace of mind, our long-term service agreements can be fully customised to your requirements – be it:

Our technical experts to your facility for comprehensive support – all reinforced by our back-office support functions. Combined with an intimate knowledge of operational best practice and avoiding/resolving common pitfalls, Alderley are your trusted partner for ongoing support services.


Working collaboratively with your project manager and engineers, Alderley technicians have the experience to provide you with all the advice you will require while your new system or system upgrade is being installed.

The services that Alderley’s technicians provide include pre-commissioning and commissioning, site acceptance testing and personnel introductory training. We will also advise on operating and maintenance documentation, spares and fault finding.

Modifications and brownfield upgrades

Brownfield upgrades

Maintain flow measurement system performance and control uncertainty. Our team of technical experts will recommend the best upgrade solution for your needs through:

Software upgrades

Enhancing performance through the latest, state-of-the-art technologies such as connectivity and IoT, remote monitoring and control for optimum efficiency, and simulation and modelling to support decision making.

In-house, accredited Calibration Laboratory: ISO 17025

Local, fast, cost-effective and certified calibration from the measurement experts at Alderley in the UAE.

Benefit from over 60 years of metering expertise

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Other Aftermarket Services

Innovative engineering solutions

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets.

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Genuine Parts and Spares
Genuine Parts and Spares
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