Automated Metering Reporting System

Dynamic and fully auditable automated reporting of your flow measurement system performance

Fully automated and auditable reports

Many of your mandatory and often manual reporting processes, such as: ETS emissions reporting; mismeasurement, dispensation and deviation reporting; and fiscal exposure reporting, can be fully automated – saving you time and money and reducing the risk of manual error.

In addition, with fully traceable and technically defensible data, the accuracy and timeliness of reporting improves – letting your teams assess the information and make decisions to improve performance, and enhancing process and transaction time of allocation reports to speed-up invoicing and therefore cash collection.

Emissions Reporting

Smart Asset Management’s cloud-based Emissions Reporting System fully automates your emissions monitoring plan and reporting requirements.

Seamlessly connecting with your existing data lake or directly with your onsite data transmission points using our secure edge solution, and using specialist and traceable measurement uncertainty calculations, the Emissions Reporting System continually assesses your emissions performance.

With automated report generation – aligned to your ETS submission requirements – you will save significant time and money versus traditional manual data collection, consolidation and reporting processes while optimising the resolution and technical defensibility of your measurement data.

Through dynamic and fully auditable reporting of your flow measurement system uncertainty, emission factors (in compliance with international standards such as BS 8609:2014 Natural Gas – calculation of carbon dioxide emission factors from composition), net calorific value and CO2 mass tonnes, you can be assured of your emissions performance and prove ongoing compliance.

Features and benefits

Emissions Reporting System overview:

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