Chemical Injection Systems

Protect your assets and improve process performance with the right chemical injection solution

Chemical Injection Units (CIUs) can deliver a highly accurate and repeatable dosage of a wide range of chemicals.

They can deliver at a fixed pressure or to a required flow rate with closed loop feedback.

Key features of the design include:

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Project example

Image: Corrosion Inhibitor Injection, Saudi Arabia

Chemical Injection Package

A corrosion inhibitor solution: delivering a highly accurate, repeatable dosage to support your process conditions.

Our CIUs can be delivered as a standalone package, or integrated as part of a wider solution:

Modular Wellsite Skids

Customised or standardised, our Oil and Gas Modular Wellsite Skids typically include:


Wellhead Control Panel with integrated PLC to supply hydraulic power directly to the wellhead / tree valves.


Flow meter and associated sampling, analysis and control systems.


High-integrity Pressure Protection Systems to protect downstream equipment, operators and the environment.

Chemical Injection

Chemical Injection to inject a corrosion inhibitor into the pipeline and prevent hydrate formation.


Fully integrated controls, communication systems and / or remote terminal unit (RTU) for offsite control.


All electronics, pipework, storage tanks, Safety Instrumented Systems and process valves.

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