Specialist training courses to assist engineers and technicians in the best operation of their system

Our experts have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience from years of developing, operating and maintaining various Metering and Produced Water Treatment Systems across the world. We take all of this expertise, and neatly package it into concise and informative training courses for our customers.

Optimise safety and performance

Providing employees with a sound understanding of how to handle equipment effectively. Enhancing operational performance, while reducing the risk of accidents.

Learn from the experts

From operator basics to in-depth technical content across our entire product range, our training courses can be tailored to your specific requirements.

On-site, Off-site, or Both with VR

Our training modules can be delivered either on-site to enhance system familiarity, off-site, or in a convenient location with our Virtual Reality training.


A certificate of competency will be issued to attendees upon successful completion of the course and subsequent assessment.

Training courses

Metering training

Alderley offer training courses from flow measurement and proving theory through to practical commissioning and maintenance.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of all levels of personnel and can be tailored to meet specific project or equipment requirements.

Produced Water Treatment training

Training courses can be tailored around any topic relevant to you – from produced water design theory through to commissioning and maintenance of your system.

We will work with you to deliver specific training courses to meet the needs of all levels of personnel. 

Virtual Reality training

A detailed and immersive training experience from the safety of your office. 

Our Virtual Reality training simulator can be customised to your equipment, giving your operators the chance to walk around the skid in Virtual Reality – enhancing system awareness and safety before start-up. 

Training simulators

Either standardised using common interfaces and scenarios, or customised to your system and controls, our training simulators provide operators with real life scenarios to best prepare them for full operation.

Training can be conducted online, or face-to-face depending on your objectives.

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Other innovative engineering solutions

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets.

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