Alderley ConnectTM

The connected, secure, flexible and scalable data acquisition and transfer solution

Alderley Connect is the secure data acquisition and transfer solution to connect your assets in the field to your
cloud platform or corporate network and 
the Alderley Smart Asset Management modules.

Smart Asset Management, with Alderley Connect:

Globally connected

Utilising specially configured IoT technologies and secure cloud-based / corporate-network platforms, Smart Asset Management with Alderley Connect enables the centralised monitoring of asset integrity and performance, and the scheduling of maintenance only if and when it is required.

Globally applicable

Alderley Connect can be retrospectively applied to your existing assets for complete coverage and, when combined with Smart Metering, it gives you complete flexibility, scalability and control to manage all your measurement data.

Globally accessible

On-site or off-site, via desktop or mobile phone: your Smart Asset Management dashboard reports and insight can be accessed from your connected device.

Globally configurable

Thanks to Alderley Connect, Smart Asset Management can be utilised as a standalone digital-twin for your measurement assets or configured and integrated as a specialist part of a wider connected solution.

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How it works

Transforming your measurement data
into remotely accessible insight

Smart Asset Management consists of four configurable modules, all available through an annual license and all seamlessly integrated with with Alderley ConnectTM

Other Smart Asset Management modules

Healthcare Plan

Giving you complete peace of mind: with an Alderley Aftermarket Healthcare plan, our engineers will promptly carry out all required proactive and/or reactive maintenance work to maximise your uptime – including both remote and on-site support.

Maintenance Manager

Asset information, parts ordering and maintenance scheduling at your fingertips: Maintenance Manager is an intuitive, fully digital application to help optimise the performance of operators, project managers and technicians with their operation and maintenance activities.

Smart Metering

Developed in conjunction with the flow measurement consultancy experts at KELTONTM, Smart Metering system gives you complete certainty, confidence and control over the performance of your measurement system.

Condition Based Monitoring

Assured performance and reduced operating costs throughout the life of your measurement system: CBM by Alderley supports the early detection of potential problems with your assets. This means you can schedule maintenance exactly when it is needed.

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