Asset Integrity and Inspection

Ensure the ongoing integrity, performance and safety of your assets

Why inspect?

Ensuring asset integrity is vital for the safety of your staff and the reliability of your operations. 

Failure of your equipment could lead to unplanned downtime, millions of dollars of lost production, or even worse, result in serious injury and environmental damage. Accordingly, HSE experts recommend that regular inspection and maintenance are planned for as a critical part of your operations to:

Our most popular inspection services include:

Powered by Inspection Manager™

Inspection Manager is a fully digital and intuitive solution to support the effective completion of inspection checks on equipment.

Powered by Inspection Manager, our inspection team will fully assess your metering, produced water treatment, hydraulic and electrical systems whilst providing instant and actionable insights to support any remedial actions – all of which can be completed by the Alderley Aftermarket Services team for a prompt resolution.

Inspection Manager can also be used to simultaneously collate punch points for any faults identified. Utilising the sync function, this provides:

Watch the video to find out more:

Recent Projects

"Our inspection strategies ensure our customers minimise any risk of downtime, and are fully aware of the current condition of their equipment at any time. with our real-time, in-sync software."
Harrison Page
Aftermarket Services Manager

Small Bore Tubing Inspections

Development of a risk-based inspection strategy for SBT assemblies to prevent or mitigate HSE consequences that may result from a process safety or environmental release of hydrocarbon or high-pressure medium.
Meaning that SBT assemblies could be consistently assessed, tagged and categorised to advise of their current status, as well as inform future inspection and management planning.

The solution allowed our client to:

One platform.
5x connected and configurable modules.

Smart Asset Management is the fully integrated end-to-end intelligent
digital measurement solution.

Smart Asset Management is also a measurement-first solution: the
platform has been developed to best interface with measurement
systems – working seamlessly and securely with your measurement
assets to acquire and analyse your once stranded data and transform it
into remotely accessible insight.

Ensure the ongoing performance and compliance of your operations

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