Smart Metering System

Complete certainty, confidence and control of the performance of your measurement system

Measurement excellence: in a software solution

Developed in conjunction with the flow measurement experts at KELTON, Smart Metering gives you complete certainty, confidence and control over the performance of your measurement system.

The smart solution

Connected to the Alderley Condition Based Monitoring system, or your asset’s pre-installed CBM*, Smart Metering is the ‘smart’ in Smart Asset Management.

Central to the effectiveness of solution – and the functionality that makes it smart – is the ability to quantify the significance of a change in measurement performance, including its potential financial impact. 

It achieves this by dynamically assessing the uncertainty of your measurement system – at a corporate, system and granular instrument level – and quantifying its drift when an event or change in performance occurs.

*Smart Metering requires Condition Based Monitoring by Alderley, or a suitably specified alternative. Requires configuration.
Remote reporting and dashboard accessible through Alderley Connect.

Supporting enhanced decision-making

This ability to calculate the change in uncertainty, the impact on bias, and the subsequent financial exposure is essential for truly effective remote operations.

And through Smart Metering’s specialised measurement digital-twin, you can model the impact of corrective actions prior to deploying live onsite; supporting your decisions about the efficient scheduling, prioritisation, maintenance utilisation and safety of your resource – wherever you, or your asset, are in the world.

How it works

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Other Smart Asset Management modules

Healthcare Plan

Giving you complete peace of mind: with an Alderley Aftermarket Healthcare plan, our engineers will promptly carry out all required proactive and/or reactive maintenance work to maximise your uptime – including both remote and on-site support.

Maintenance Manager

Asset information, parts ordering and maintenance scheduling at your fingertips: Maintenance Manager is an intuitive, fully digital application to help optimise the performance of operators, project managers and technicians with their operation and maintenance activities.

Smart Metering

Developed in conjunction with the flow measurement consultancy experts at KELTONTM, Smart Metering system gives you complete certainty, confidence and control over the performance of your measurement system.

Condition Based Monitoring

Assured performance and reduced operating costs throughout the life of your measurement system: CBM by Alderley supports the early detection of potential problems with your assets. This means you can schedule maintenance exactly when it is needed.


Alderley ConnectTM

The connected, secure, flexible and scalable data acquisition and transfer solution.

Utilising specially configured IoT technologies and secure cloud-based / corporate-network platforms, Smart Asset Management with
Alderley Connect enables the centralised monitoring of asset integrity and performance, and the scheduling of maintenance only if and when it is required.

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