Metering Systems

Identifying and expertly integrating the best technology to meet your operational, financial, contractual and regulatory requirements

Custody, fiscal and allocation metering systems

Gas, LNG and liquid; metering, sampling, proving and controls - achieve your financial, contractual and regulatory commitments with our expert metering and flow measurement solutions.

Previously delivered solutions include:

Why Alderley?

Ensuring the continued performance of your flow measurement system is our priority:

1. Independent

We identify, source and integrate the best technologies and instruments to meet your individual requirements.

4. Metering specialists

Expertly designed, configured and integrated flow measurement solutions, including custody, fiscal and allocation metering systems.

2. Experience

More than 60 years of experience in delivering high-quality, high-performing metering systems.

5. Flexible options

For either new integrated solutions, or to upgrade and enhance the performance of your existing operations.

3. Expertise

Fully versed in all international standards and metering technologies to deliver the right engineering solution for your needs.

6. Controls experts

The cash register of the oil and gas industry, we will deliver the best-for-application and best-for-business solution to meet your needs.

One platform.
5x connected and configurable modules.

Smart Asset Management is the fully integrated end-to-end intelligent
digital measurement solution.

Smart Asset Management is also a measurement-first solution: the
platform has been developed to best interface with measurement
systems – working seamlessly and securely with your measurement
assets to acquire and analyse your once stranded data and transform it
into remotely accessible insight.

Onsite calibration services

Mobile proving services to reduce downtime and ensure the ongoing performance of your liquid metering system

On-site calibration, complete peace of mind

Utilising our in-house developed mobile Small Volume Prover, Alderley’s flow measurement experts will test and verify the performance of your liquid custody metering system, prover or master meter directly at your site.

This helps ensure ongoing measurement system performance and complete peace of mind whilst minimising downtime.

Mobile Small Volume Prover

Housed within a trailer mountable 20’ container, Alderley’s Small Volume Prover can be used for the direct calibration of turbine, Coriolis, PD* and ultrasonic* meters on site.

*3” or 8” turbine master meters will be used for the calibration of PD meters over 4” and ultrasonic meters.

Recent projects and solutions

Image: Gas Metering Skid, Egypt

Gas Metering System

A high quality and high performance gas custody metering system for an energy major.

"High-quality gas metering systems, including solutions for Hydrogen, Helium and CO2"
Mike Shepherd
Business Development Director
"A unique 3-tier metering package: the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia."
Darrell Bruce
Operations Director​
Image: High-Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO) 3-tier Metering Package, Saudi Arabia

Liquid Metering System

Other innovative engineering solutions

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets.

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Smart Metering
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