Flow Measurement Management

Everything you need to digitally record, statistically validate and prove your measurement activity

Everything you need to record, validate and prove your measurement activity

MeterManager contains a comprehensive library of flow measurement calculations and centrally manageable and accessible entry forms:

  • Instrument management: centrally control all of your measurement instrument validation activities.
  • Meter prove: manage proving activities  and validate each prove with robust statistical techniques.
  • Electronic logbook: securely record the history of all events relating to your measurement system.
  • Document management: access all system related documentation when and where you need it.
Instrument management

Instrument management

Manage and record all activities relating to the validation of your metering system, from flow computation and integration checks to the calibration of primary and secondary instrumentation. This flexible application can be configured to match calculation options, calibration procedures, resolution and tolerances.

Meter prove

Meter prove

Track the performance of all pulse generating flow meters with a powerful tool utilising robust statistical techniques to validate each prove. As the validation criteria may differ between metering stations, the application can be configured to match the chosen method including control charts, performance curves and deviation from previous proves.

Electronic logbook

The full history of all events related to your measurement system is automatically recorded and stored in the integrated electronic logbook. The logbook can be filtered, sorted, searched and accessed across your network for complete visibility and transparency.

Document management

Control all the documentation required to manage your metering system in one place. All relevant supporting information, including dispensations and measurement results, are tracked and safely stored in a central repository for easy access and retrieval.

MeterManager overview:

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