Produced Water Treatment

Primary, secondary and tertiary solutions to enhance your operational efficiency and protect the environment


Our AP20 liquid/liquid or deoiling hydrocyclone demonstrates proven, market leading operational performance.

The compact nature of the AP20 deoiling hydrocyclone makes it a high efficiency, high online turndown and high erosion resistance solution that is also extremely cost effective.

Our desanding hydrocyclone systems range from a 1″ diameter hydrocyclone for high efficiency in solids clarification to a 3″ diameter hydrocyclone for larger solids, high throughput and minimal pressure drop.

All of our desanding hydrocyclones are able to operate in high pressure, highly erosive wellhead conditions.

The AP20 Hydrocyclone Liner

Industry leading deoiling performance in a compact liner solution

Enhanced conditioning of produced water and solids in preparation for discharge, reuse or further treatment.

Standardised or customised

Two- and four-cell Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) separators are available to meet your application’s requirements.

High performance separation

IGFs reintroduce and incorporates bubbles of gas into the produced water, which adhere to the oil before floating to the top of the vessel to be skimmed off.

Fully integrated solutions

Additional solutions may be required to meet your process and output requirements, including chemical injection to break down emulsions.

Typically operated at close to atmospheric pressure, degassers liberate the dissolved gas from produced water to form millions of tiny bubbles. In a similar way to IGF, these gas bubbles adhere to residual oil droplets which they carry to the surface for removal.

For significant process performance on a minimal footprint, our Compact Flotation Units (CFUs) employ the proprietary Alderley diffuser swirl device to form a ‘soft spin’ cyclone that creates optimum gas bubble size and distribution for maximum oil recovery.

Outstanding performance from 2-stages in 1 solution

Integrated Deoiling Hydrocyclone and IGF Package


We combine a variety of technologies including adsorption, coalescing, solids filtration, media filters and nutshell filters to deliver the optimum performance to meet your reinjection or discharge requirements.

"The integrated winch and used filter bagging system supports fast, effective and clean filter change-out to enhance safety and uptime."
Andrew Palmer
Technical Sales Director
Image: Guard Filter Package, Azerbaijan

A custom guard filter system to remove solids and contaminant particles to 50 microns; protecting downstream instruments and the environment.

Solids filtration

Used as either a pre-treatment to coalescing technologies, or as a guard filter to protect downstream instrumentation, our filtration cartridges can remove solids to less than 2µm.

Adsorption Filters

Our advanced adsorption technology can reduce free and dissolved hydrocarbons to less than 5 mg/l, and can be delivered in either bulk granular form or as a cartridge based system to best suit your needs.

This system can also effectively remove hydrocarbons such as BTEX (Benzene, Toulene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene) to meet the latest ‘Risk Based Approach’ recommendation from OPSAR to further reduce emissions that could pose a risk to the environment.

Nutshell and Media Filters

With the capability of delivering oil reduction to 2-5mg/l and 90% solids removal to 2µm, our nutshell and media filters help to remove the final free oil and suspended solids in your produced water.

The superior design of our media management minimises backwash duration and media attrition typically caused by other mechanical backwash systems, enabling us to deliver the best performance for your discharge requirements.

Filtration systems

Integrated solutions, upgrades, replacements and spares – in partnership with Amazon Filters Ltd.


Alderley expertise

Amazon Filters expertise

Other innovative engineering solutions

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets.

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