Modifications and Upgrades

Modifications and upgrades, including IIoT and digital to enhance your efficiency and performance

Upgrade solutions

Proactive management of ageing equipment means that assets can be repaired, refurbished, replaced or upgraded prior to the point of failure – supporting operational continuity and negating the high costs associated with reactive measures.

Through health and criticality assessment of your equipment, our experts help to proactively manage your risks of unplanned downtime caused by asset failure and obsolescence. This can include the storage of replacement parts to extend the product’s life beyond point of obsolescence. 


Brownfield upgrades

Metering and Control systems

Maintain flow measurement system performance and control uncertainty. Our team of technical experts will recommend the best upgrade solution for your needs through:

Brownfield upgrades

Produced Water Treatment systems

With a wide range of services all managed in-house by our dedicated team, we can assess your current process performance versus the required standards and make recommendations to modify, update or upgrade existing process treatments.

Software upgrades

Digital and Cyber Security systems

Enhancing performance through the latest, state-of-the-art technologies such as connectivity and IoT, remote monitoring and control for optimum efficiency, and simulation and modelling to support decision making.

Hydraulic upgrades

Hydraulic systems

Increasing reliability and productivity whilst reducing incidents of outages and equipment failures on safety critical systems such as hydraulic controls and high-pressure components. All Alderley hydraulic solutions can be upgraded, including:

Electrical upgrades

Electrical and instrumentation

Upgrading your PLC within your existing Ex Control Panel may be due to obsolescence or a requirement to add additional features which the existing, Alderley can fully advise on the performance enhancing solution best suited to your needs providing re-certification to ATEX as required, including:

Obsolescence management

Equipment obsolescence can have a severe impact on the availability of your instrumentation and systems, especially if your incumbent system fails. 

Regardless of OEM, our experts can provide a high standard of timely support to meet your obsolescence management requirements.

One platform.
5x connected and configurable modules.

Smart Asset Management is the fully integrated end-to-end intelligent
digital measurement solution.

Smart Asset Management is also a measurement-first solution: the
platform has been developed to best interface with measurement
systems – working seamlessly and securely with your measurement
assets to acquire and analyse your once stranded data and transform it
into remotely accessible insight.

Manage your risks of system failure due to faults and obsolescence

"The management team wish to recognise Alderley for your admirable commitment and drive to see a successful conclusion to the SSIV (Subsea Isolation Valve) proof of concept study. Furthermore, the passion and enthusiasm within your staff has also been recognised as a key factor for the results and achievements made in recent months with regard the tactical repairs made to the legacy SSIV equipment."
UK Team Lead, North Sea Super-major
Alderley customer

Other Aftermarket Services

Innovative engineering solutions

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets.

Electrical and Instrumentation
Hydraulic Services
Genuine Parts and Spares
Genuine Parts and Spares