Surge Relief and Pressure Protection Skids

Safe, compliant and longstanding pipeline and terminal operation

Built to protect your people and your equipment

Alderley’s surge relief and pressure protection systems are built with both accident prevention and equipment longevity in mind, responding quickly yet smoothly in an emergency.

Pressure surges arise from sudden events occurring along the pipeline, including pump power failure, loading stations or rapid valve opening and closing.

The installation of an appropriate Surge Relief System, which swiftly opens relief valves to release the excess pressure into a dedicated safety outlet, reliably prevents detrimental incidents that put your people, surroundings and equipment at risk.

Through clear specification and correct installation, which proves crucial to the dependable functionality of the system, our experienced engineers can design and manufacture Surge Relief Systems for pipelines, storage terminals and marine loading and offloading that will prevent accidents, while limiting damage to equipment.

For Pressure Protection and HIPPS systems, select one the following images to see our Modular Wellsite Skids

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