Hydrocarbon Liquid solutions

Specialist solutions for liquids, heavy crude, condensate and petrochemicals

Onsite calibration services

Mobile proving services to reduce downtime and ensure the ongoing performance of your liquid metering system

On-site calibration, complete peace of mind

Utilising our in-house developed mobile Small Volume Prover, Alderley’s flow measurement experts will test and verify the performance of your liquid custody metering system, prover or master meter directly at your site.

This helps ensure ongoing measurement system performance and complete peace of mind whilst minimising downtime.

Mobile Small Volume Prover

Housed within a trailer mountable 20’ container, Alderley’s Small Volume Prover can be used for the direct calibration of turbine, Coriolis, PD* and ultrasonic* meters on site.

*3” or 8” turbine master meters will be used for the calibration of PD meters over 4” and ultrasonic meters.

Recent projects

Image: High-Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO) 3-tier Metering Package, Saudi Arabia

Liquid Metering System

"A unique 3-tier metering package: the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia."
Darrell Bruce
Operations Director​

Outstanding performance from 2-stages in 1 solution

Integrated Deoiling Hydrocyclone and IGF Package

Filtration systems

Integrated solutions, upgrades, replacements and spares – in partnership with Amazon Filters Ltd.


Alderley expertise

Amazon Filters expertise

The AP20 Hydrocyclone Liner

Industry leading deoiling performance in a compact liner solution.

Customised or standardised, our Oil Modular Wellsite Skids typically include:


Wellhead Control Panel with integrated PLC to supply hydraulic power directly to the wellhead / tree valves.


Flow meter and associated sampling, analysis and control systems.


High-integrity Pressure Protection Systems to protect downstream equipment, operators and the environment.

Chemical Injection

Chemical Injection System(s) to inject a corrosion inhibitor into the pipeline and prevent hydrate formation.


Fully integrated controls, communication systems and / or remote terminal unit (RTU) for offsite control.


All electronics, pipework, storage tanks, Safety Instrumented Systems and process valves.

Note: Images are of a Gas Modular Wellsite Skid
A fully tested, easily transportable and ready-to-operate production module to support a fast installation and start-up at your gas production site.

Delivering a highly accurate and repeatable dosage, our Chemical Injection Units can deliver a wide range of chemicals at a fixed pressure or to a required flow rate with closed loop feedback.

Key features include:

Aftermarket Services

Innovative engineering solutions

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets.

Produced Water Treatment
Field Services
Asset Integrity and Inspection
Field Services and Upgrades
Hydraulic Services
Chemical Injection Systems

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