Hydrogen and CO2 solutions

Advising upon and delivering solutions to meet today's hydrogen and carbon dioxide processing and measurement challenges

Gas Metering

Best-for-application and best-for-business gas metering systems.

With extensive experience in delivering all types of gas metering systems, including for hydrogen and helium, Alderley can engineer and deliver the right solution for your needs.

As an independent company, our engineering experts identify, design and integrate the most appropriate technology for your requirements, whilst also working to minimise your total cost of acquisition – meeting both your operational and commercial needs.

With flow measurement solutions successfully installed in a variety of countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and the UK, Alderley have considerable experience in all types of gas metering systems and associated instrumentation.

Our intimate knowledge of flow measurement solutions helps you achieve your operational, financial, contractual and regulatory commitments.

Consultancy services

In partnership with KELTON: the energy industry consultants

Staying abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies, and having already supported multiple efficiency and low carbon initiatives, the KELTON team are best-placed to support you with your low carbon and digital objectives. 

Delivering enhanced performance and efficiency, and advising on new solutions to support the transition towards a low carbon energy future, our consultancy services include:

Filtration systems

Integrated solutions, upgrades, replacements and spares – in partnership with Amazon Filters Ltd.

Alderley expertise

Amazon Filters expertise

Chemical Injection Systems

Delivering a highly accurate and repeatable dosage, our Chemical Injection Units can deliver a wide range of chemicals at a fixed pressure or to a required flow rate with closed loop feedback.

Key features include:

A specialised measurement digital-twin solution

Aftermarket Services

Innovative engineering solutions

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets.

Produced Water Treatment
Field Services
Asset Integrity and Inspection
Field Services and Upgrades
Hydraulic Services
Chemical Injection Systems

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