Why I’m looking forward to this year’s ADIPEC – an Alderley perspective

An article by Hassan Altikrity, Business Development Manager at Alderley

It’s often remarked that ADIPEC, which takes place in Abu Dhabi from 31 October to 3 November, is the most important fixture in the energy sector’s global calendar. 

It is a key global event that brings together around 150,000 energy policy makers, CEOs and industry professionals from across the world to discuss the key trends, policies and events that are shaping our industry today.

It is mammoth in scale and vision with 2,200 exhibiting companies, 54 National Oil Companies (NOCs) and International Oil Countries (IOCs), 28 country pavilions, eight conferences, 40 plus ministers, 1,200 speakers and around 12,000 delegates.

This contributes to what is effectively the meeting place of the world’s energy industry where new opportunities and solutions for improving the oil and gas industry and emerging low carbon solutions sector are unlocked in 350 plus sessions over four days of debates, discussions, and meetings.

As a leading UK supply-chain company with a global footprint and strong Gulf-based operations, ADIPEC provides Alderley with an opportunity to gain key insights into the energy sector, build new networks as well as communicate our new solutions, technologies, and expertise in one of our key regional markets.

Given geopolitical events such as COVID and the war in Ukraine, plus urgent need to move to lower carbon technologies, it’s arguable that this year’s ADIPEC is more important than ever. 

A key priority for me is to learn about the changing priorities of the oil and gas sector. 

With energy prices at a recent high and market confidence in the oil and gas industry strong, it will be interesting to see how this translates into new projects and opportunities. 

Opportunities for Regional Growth

This year the growth plans of regional companies have been strongly evident.  Consequently, Alderley in the Middle East has been engaged on some of the most important projects in the region with leading players in Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, where we’ve seen market growth and high interest at first hand.

In terms of metering solutions, Alderley is actively executing the first package of a Sales Gas Pipelines Network Enhancement project for a major global organisation. 

We are also anticipating opportunities with another international company to identify and upgrade all existing sales gas flow meters with new Custody Transfer Sales Gas Metering Skids.

Elsewhere, we have successfully executed an extension of a meter run in an existing export oil metering skid along with a control system, supply of Prover and Site Services support.  In another territory, Alderley has been working with a long-standing client to develop online monitoring and safety systems.

Low Carbon Sector

I’m positive about what ADIPEC will deliver in terms of discussions on the rollout of low carbon technology.  It’s clear from the event partners and roster of speakers that hydrogen and carbon capture storage (CCS) will be high on the agenda.  This should be welcomed.

As a company that’s winning new work in hydrogen measurement solutions, it will be interesting to listen to those growing the global hydrogen economy.  We need to make hydrogen to work for our societies to enable them to decarbonise.

The changing energy sector in the Gulf is high on the agenda with plans underway for new low carbon initiatives such as Neom and last year’s Net Zero plans announced by the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Top Issues for discussion

I anticipate important announcements in the low carbon space to be made throughout ADIPEC and I am looking forward to learning about the continued role of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries in providing energy security to the global market.

At ADIPEC, I’m looking forward to hearing about:

  • How the global energy sector is changing as a result of recent geopolitical shifts

  • The role of the global supply chain – how will the supply chain enable the energy transition and what is the role for technologies like hydrogen

  • Digitalisation and how organisations can digitise to reduce costs, increase safety and security and future-proof operations

  • The outlook for COP28 scheduled to take place in the UAE in late 2023

From a personal perspective, ADIPEC provides me with the opportunity to talk about Alderley’s leading work in modular wellsite skids and our high-value work across our network of regional facilities – in Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Dubai and Qatar.

Demand in the region is high for modular wellsite skids and we’ve seen great interest from ADNOC and other leading companies through our partnership with Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services Company (ADOS). 

Modular wellsite skids reduce the need for expensive installation and maintenance.  They’re key to our regional offer.  A key benefit of Alderley’s Modular Wellsite Skid is that the scope is completely customised to reflect the requirements of our clients.  Delivering flexible, tailored solutions to our clients is a major USP.

Alderley will have a senior team on the ground throughout ADIPEC this year and I’m honoured to be flying the flag for the company in what is the flagship event in the global energy calendar.

For more about ADIPEC, click here to check out this year’s ADIPEC22 video.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Hassan Altikrity is Alderley’s In-Country Manager in Abu Dhabi and will be on the ground at ADIPEC throughout the event.  To get in touch with Hassan please contact him on:  hassan.altikrity@alderley.com.


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