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Digitally integrated Smart Connected Secure Advanced Innovative solutions for the global energy industry

Connected and digital

Throughout its history, Alderley has been at the forefront of providing expertly engineered and fully integrated solutions for the global energy industry.  

This trend continues today with our new range of digitally integrated and connected solutions.

With extensive experience in digital, controls and connected technologies, our experts can modify and upgrade your existing equipment to utilise the latest, state-of-the-art technologies such as connectivity and IoT, remote monitoring and control for optimum efficiency, and simulation and modelling to support decision making.

Digitally integrated solutions

Smart Asset Management:
A specialised measurement digital-twin solution

Cyber security and system hardening solutions

Two key factors underpin our approach to cyber security upgrades:

This approach has and continues to be applied for the benefit of our customers.

Smart Metering

Developed in conjunction with the flow measurement consultancy experts at KELTONTMSmart Metering system gives you complete certainty, confidence and control over the performance of your measurement system.

Alderley ConnectTM

The connected, secure, flexible and scalable data acquisition and transfer solution.

Utilising specially configured IoT technologies and secure cloud-based / corporate-network platforms, Smart Asset Management with
Alderley Connect enables the centralised monitoring of asset integrity and performance, and the scheduling of maintenance only if and when it is required.

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