• Obsolescence

    Modifications and Upgrades

    Innovative engineering solutions to optimise asset performance throughout the life of your operations

Innovative engineering solutions for the global energy industry

Brownfield Metering and Control System Upgrades

Ensuring flow measurement accuracy and maximising your uptime are two of our top priorities. Our multi-disciplined team of technical experts can inspect, advise, design, engineer, supply and upgrade any system regardless of OEM to keep your operations running smoothly.

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PWT Process System Review

Brownfield Process Systems Review and Upgrades

With a full range of process system review services, our process experts can inspect, assess and offer upgrade solutions for Separation, Hydrocyclone, Flotation and Filtration systems to maintain and/or enhance your target produced water treatment requirements.

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Digital and Cyber Security Upgrades

Enhancing performance through state-of-the-art digital, connected and software upgrades, including cyber security upgrades to protect your most valuable assets.

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Digital and Low-carbon Solutions

Innovative digital, mechanical, process, hydraulic and electrical solutions to support your connected and low-carbon objectives

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Hydraulic Services

Our hydraulic services specialists are available 24/7, providing pressure testing and flushing, surveys and remedial works, as well as equipment modifications and upgrades.

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Electrical and Instrumentation Services

From design, manufacture, test, commissioning, on-going maintenance and upgrades through to end of life decommissioning, our Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Services department is able to provide full lifecycle support. This can include hazardous area inspection services compliant with DSEAR using approved COMPEX certified technicians and full remedial works if requested.

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