• Tertiary Treatment

    Tertiary Produced Water Treatment

    We combine a variety of technologies including adsorption, coalescing, solids filtration, media filters and nutshell filters to deliver the optimum performance to meet your reinjection or discharge requirements.

Tertiary technologies that reduce free and dissolved hydrocarbons to meet the most stringent requirements

The job of further reducing the oil content in water becomes harder the less oil is present.

Utilising our technical capabilities and extensive produced water treatment experience, we can advise and deliver the optimum solution to meet your discharge or reinjection requirements.



Built around a range of both cartridge and proprietary solutions, our coalescing technologies are used to maximise and enhance the performance of our other separation equipment, or as the final polishing stage for oil removal.

Tertiary Produced Water Treatment - Coalescing
Tertiary Treatment

Adsorption Filters

Our advanced adsorption filtration technology can reduce free and dissolved hydrocarbons to less than 5 mg/l, and can be delivered in either bulk granular form or as a cartridge based system to best suit the application requirements.

This system can also effectively remove hydrocarbons such as BTEX (Benzene, Toulene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene) to meet the latest ‘Risk Based Approach’ recommendation from OPSAR to further reduce emissions that could pose a risk to the environment.


Solids Filtration

Used as either a pre-treatment to coalescing technologies, or as a guard filter to protect downstream instrumentation, our filtration cartridges can remove solids to less than 2µm.

Nutshell and Media Filters

With the capability of delivering oil reduction to 2-5mg/l and 90% solids removal to 2µm, our nutshell and media filters help to remove the final free oil and suspended solids in your produced water.

The superior design of our media management minimises backwash duration and media attrition typically caused by other mechanical backwash systems, enabling us to deliver the best performance for your discharge requirements.

We are familiar with a wide range of technologies and have acquired vast experience in all types of produced water treatment.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.

Tertiary Produced Water Treatment - Nutshell Filters