Will this year’s ADIPEC prove to be the most meaningful ever?

By Colin Elcoate, CEO of Alderley

16 November 2021


ADIPEC is arguably the most important fixture in the energy sector’s global calendar. 

Hosted in Abu Dhabi, it is the meeting place of the world’s energy industry where new opportunities and solutions for improving the oil and gas industry are unlocked in nearly 130 sessions over four days of debates, discussions, and meetings.

For a UK supply-chain business with a global footprint and strong Gulf-based operations like Alderley, ADIPEC provides an opportunity to check the pulse of the oil and gas market as well as communicate our new solutions, technologies, and expertise in a key energy hub. 

This year’s ADIPEC is arguably the most important ever.  It represents the world returning to meeting in person post-COVID.  Further, it takes place against a backdrop of an energy transition in full swing.  

Will this be one of the final ADIPECs focused on oil and gas?

Leading Regional Players announce Net Zero plans

With COP26 done and dusted, it will be interesting to see how fundamental shifts in the global energy market are covered at the event.

There are already positive signs that this year’s event will be fascinating. 

Regional leaders such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia have just announced ambitious Net Zero plans.  This is remarkable given the countries’ hydrocarbon wealth.  Plans are underway for leading Gulf countries to become global leaders in hydrogen, and it should not be assumed that Western European economies will crack commercial hydrogen at scale first. 

The UAE will host the COP28 climate talks.  And with EXPO 2020 down the road in Dubai, it will be interesting to see the impact that low-carbon and digital technologies – so much a part of EXPO – are likely to make at ADIPEC.

What ADIPEC offers Supply Chain companies

ADIPEC offers Alderley the chance to meet and listen to clients.  It gives us an opportunity to understand their needs.  This enables us to develop unique best-in-class solutions to enhance the value and efficiency of their energy assets.

At ADIPEC, Alderley’s focus extends to three main messages:

  • We have local, highly skilled and agile aftermarket services teams across the world including the Gulf region, that ensure the integrity, optimisation and performance of our clients’ operations.

  • We have innovative, connected, digital solutions like Smart Metering that monitor and manage the performance of production critical systems. Smart Metering is smart – it can calculate any change in measurement uncertainty, the impact on bias and the potential financial exposure to support remote decision-making from anywhere in the world.  This is critical to improving the efficiency and utility of hydrocarbon production.

  • In terms of transformative technology, we offer solutions in emerging low carbon areas such as hydrogen and CCUS. Alderley can help companies to overcome key challenges such as flow measurement unlocking new energy production. 

With many decades of experience working on the toughest assignments in the global energy industry, the UK is undoubtedly well placed to overcome the challenges that will be discussed at ADIPEC.  

Alderley has already partnered with other UK supply chain companies and research institutions to develop the new and often novel solutions that, with the UK Department of International Trade’s support, we hope to export to our teams and partners around the world.

With a large, skilled workforce and world-class supply chain, UK companies must be unambiguously clear about their potential to shape the energy sector as it aims for greater efficiencies and moves towards a low carbon future.


On the ground at ADIPEC will be Hassan Altikrity, Alderley’s In-Country Manager in Abu Dhabi, new Group Head of Digital, Mark Slinger as well as  Steven Morris, Business Development Director at energy solutions consultancy Kelton, which is a company within the Alderley Group.

Colin Elcoate is CEO of Alderley plc and has worked in the energy industry for over 25 years holding senior positions in leading energy firms with global operations.


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