Becoming the Integrated Solutions Provider for the Global Energy Industry

From Colin Elcoate, CEO of Alderley

10th May 2021

Our plan for Alderley – An update to customers, partners, colleagues, and the energy industry 

Throughout its history, Alderley has always anticipated the market ahead of time reflecting our customers’ requirements for bespoke, best-in-class engineering solutions delivered by collaborative international teams passionate about what they do.

For over three decades, Alderley has been synonymous with high quality, high-standards and understanding the needs of our customers in whatever part of the world we do business in – the UK and Europe, the Gulf or Asia – while remaining a family-led business. 

A Global Energy Sector in Transition

Without this commitment to excellence, we would not have been able to partner with the biggest industry names – ADNOC, BP, Shell, and Saudi Aramco – where we have provided an incredible range of integrated solutions including Metering, Produced Water Treatment and Modular Wellsite Skids, as well as a range of services to support the full lifecycle of assets.

Yet as the global energy system transitions to a future that balances the immediate needs of society together with a low carbon future, it is paramount that we respond full-on to this change and especially how our customers want to do business. 

Indeed, energy companies are diversifying their assets with some firms now generating significant revenue from their renewable assets.  Their need for new solutions from providers is increasing, and demand for market agility is accelerating. 

Alderley must and will meet this need.

Digitalisation at the Heart of What we do

Innovating by providing customers with new digital solutions is crucial.  Delivering digital solutions to customers when and where they need support is vitally important in a market landscape where companies are taking bold decisions about how they structure their operations.

By anticipating market trends, Alderley has been able to build a strong digital proposition enabling remote access, cloud-based monitoring, and the transformation of bulk data into insights.

By building on our company’s outstanding heritage in the energy sector, we have created a new proposition to our existing and potential customers based on meeting their specific needs in a rapidly changing world.

The Integrated Solutions Provider

Our clear objective is for Alderley to be the integrated solutions provider for the global energy industry.

Our priority is to maximise the value and efficiency of our customer’s energy assets – from concept to operation and beyond.

And we do this through our integrated energy solutions: advanced digital, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, process and aftermarket solutions to meet the challenges and needs of a global energy system in transition. 

The culture that enables us to do this is by being agile, efficient, and by responding to the speed that the market requires us to act.  It is also by understanding the challenges and opportunities that the global energy transition presents.

As an independent solutions provider, it is our people that will make the difference to deliver time and again to customers based on our local teams with local knowledge with the flexibility, integrity, and customer service you expect from a family business.

As part of our revised proposition, we have launched a new website and we would very much like your views about our new proposition. 

Does it respond to your company’s needs and if so, how?

Progressive Engineering

I would like Alderley to be known as a progressive engineering company – this goes beyond delivering best-in-class global solutions – it means being seen as an employer of choice in the markets in which we operate. 

By offering our employees the opportunity to shape leading market solutions – every Alderley solution is carefully crafted to meet our customers’ objectives – we will be able to attract the best talent and grow a business that intuitively stays ahead of the rest of the market.

Localisation is part of this.  By developing strong operations and relationships in key markets such as Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, Alderley has shown its understanding of having a global business that responds to local needs.

Localisation is a key topic for Alderley and one in which the company will strengthen its offer.

Overall, our new strategy sets Alderley on a course to become an integral part of an energy industry in transition.

While our roots as a British-based family business remain, our new focus as an Integrated Solutions Provider for the global energy industry shows our determination to define a new chapter for the company.

In the months ahead you will hear more from me and my colleagues at all levels of the business about the amazing work that Alderley does and the solutions we develop and deliver. 

We hope you will join us on this journey.


Colin is CEO of Alderley plc and has worked in the energy industry for over 25 years.

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