• Careers at Alderley

    Careers at Alderley

    As a leader in engineering for the oil and gas industry, Alderley are always on the lookout for new talent at all career stages to boost their already impressive global team.

Base your career and study decisions by getting first-hand experience of Alderley’s business on one of our work placement programmes.

As well as gaining practical experience in the area you wish to pursue, you will boost your commercial awareness and interpersonal skills.

Summer Students Programme

Alderley’s summer student programme is a paid placement lasting six weeks and is aimed at high calibre, motivated and enthusiastic undergraduate students who are contemplating a career in engineering.

If you are considering doing a degree in engineering, then being a summer student is a great way to find out what working in an engineering environment is all about and gain some practical experience.

The Summer Student Programme is currently only available at our UK facilities.

Unfortunately we do not have any opportunities for Summer Students in 2016.

Alderley Work Experience
Alderley Work Experience 2

Friends and Family Placements

Alderley currently offer work experience placements that are open to employees friends and family to gain work experience in fields they might be interested in for further study. The placements last one week and are available between June and September each year.

If you are a pupil in Years 10 – 12 and attend one of the local schools in the Gloucestershire region or are a child of one of our current employees then please complete the application below.

Currently friend and family placements are only available at our Gloucestershire facilities.

Unfortunately we do not have any opportunities for Friend and Family placements in 2016.


You can also apply by emailing HR@alderley.com