Alderley Graduates – Simos and Alex’s global experience

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It has only been a couple of months since the last time we have handed over the blog to Simos and Alex, but if one thing has become clear, then that life as a graduate is very fast-paced! A lot of changes have happened, so we are bringing both of them back into the spotlight today to hear what has been going on in their Alderley lives of late



Three months, three countries. The end of the last blog saw me moving to Aberdeen to start my rotation with KELTON – since then I have finished my time with them up north and have subsequently travelled to the warmer climates of Dubai and Dammam.

But let’s start at the beginning. Following the audit at a gas plant in Fife, I continued to be in Aberdeen for a month. During this time I had the chance to work with some of the Engineers in KELTON, and also attended a 3-day Liquid and Gas Flow Measurement Training Course. This course was very useful as it filled up any gaps I had with Metering, and enhanced the knowledge I have gained in Alderley to date.

As May came around, it was time for me to move to the UAE and join the Alderley Dubai team, where I worked in the Services and Drawing Office Departments. This allowed me to get familiar with the functions of the Drawing Office, and to assist the Services Manager with various ongoing projects the Services Department was working on. Also I had a chance to see the production, from beginning to end, of a three tier metering and prover project Alderley Dubai was constructing. Seeing the size of that project in real life was very impressive.

Finally, at the end of May I left Dubai and joined Alderley Dammam. Here I am currently working on a Virtual Reality (VR) project for one of the ongoing projects – developing a VR training simulator for a key customer – and in the next couple of weeks I will be assisting the Systems Department. Working on the VR project has given me the opportunity to work with software I have never used before, and I really enjoyed gaining a new skill. As I really enjoyed being in the Controls Department in Wickwar, I am very much looking forward to being in the Systems Department here in Dammam so I can carry on developing from where I left off when leaving Wickwar.

In conclusion, I can say that visiting the Middle East has been an amazing experience so far. I am really enjoying the work I am doing, and it is definitely an added bonus to see buildings like the Burj Khalifa up close. The next blog will see me finishing my time here in Dammam and moving back to Dubai till the end of the summer. Time is flying and there is still so much to experience.



Over the past two months I have been situated in our Dammam offices, Saudi Arabia.  We have two manufacturing sites in Dammam to ensure we have the capacity to manage the workload supplied to us from Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas Company.

During my time in Dammam, I had the opportunity to help develop the 5-Year-Plan for the company to support the In-Kingdom-Total-Value-Add (iktva) programme. Aligned to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the iktva programme is set out by Saudi Aramco to develop the local economy, infrastructure and communities with the target of achieving 70% localisation (content and input from the local economy for any project), 500,000 new jobs and 30% exports by 2021.

To complete this project, I worked with the General Manager of Alderley Dammam to ensure I understood his vision for the company and then map out a structured 5-year plan in support of the iktva objectives.  Therefore, it was important constant communication between myself and the team was kept.

The project involved working with multiple areas of the business – both in Saudi Arabia and around the world – and leading the appropriate teams to ensure the correct information was gathered.  I worked with the Finance Director of Alderley to help gather past transaction information with suppliers that we procure from, and used this to plan how to best continue to procure from these companies In-Kingdom to help aid their development.  Working closely with Projects team, I was able to deep-dive into two previous projects and analyse where costs were being spent In- and Out- of Kingdom.  

As a result, this gave me a good understanding on the working positions which need development to help keep company investment In-Kingdom. Through identifying these development needs, I worked closely with HR and the General Manager to produce a recruitment plan for the company focussing on how we can attract, develop and retain local talent for these required positions – both through our Graduate Scheme in Saudi Arabia and also through our recruitment process. Furthermore, I worked with the Training Manager of the company to develop the training plan which is currently being used and will continue to be used to help all new personnel upon joining our company.

The information which I gathered during this period was then displayed in a detailed report highlighting our current story within Saudi Arabia and our plans to continue to develop local companies & people within the Kingdom. Prior to submission, I presented this report to the Senior Management team in Dammam to ensure the final report was of a high quality standard – something we always aim to achieve.

The project gave me excellent financial experience – something which I have wanted to develop – and it also allowed me to work closely with a number of teams and General Managers around the business. Moreover, I have been able to understand the vision and requirements of a different market through the eyes of the engineering sector, and help inform the direction of our company through the development plan.

Looking forward, my next rotation is within the head office in Wickwar. Whilst there, I will be working within the Projects department on our latest metering system.


Keep up the good work!  Next we’ll hear from one of our Graduates from our Dammam offices in Saudi Arabia so watch this space for more insight into the world of an Alderley Graduate.