• The Alderley Smart Measurement Integrity Management System

Complete certainty, confidence and control over the performance of your measurement system; wherever you, or your assets, are located around the world.

The smart way to manage your measurement system performance

The Alderley Smart Measurement Integrity Management system gives operators complete certainty and control over their measurement system’s performance – wherever they, or their assets are in the world.

Utilising connected devices, secure cloud-platform technologies, specialised uncertainty algorithms and intuitive dashboard tools, the Alderley smart solution enables the centralised monitoring of asset integrity and performance, and the scheduling of maintenance only if and when it is required.

Central to the effectiveness of this solution – and the functionality that makes it smart – is the ability for the system to quantify the significance of a change in measurement performance, including its potential financial impact.

Smart Metering
Cyber Security

Accessible, live and secure performance monitoring 

It achieves this by dynamically assessing the real-time uncertainty of an operator’s measurement system – at a corporate, system and granular instrument level – and quantifying its drift when an event or change in performance occurs.

This ability to quantify the drift and subsequently calculate the financial exposure is essential for truly informed remote operations; giving operators the ability make informed decisions about the scheduling and prioritisation of resource.

And, importantly, the Alderley Smart Measurement Integrity Management System utilises the latest in cyber security and secure cloud-platform technologies, or can link directly to your existing corporate network.

Supporting proactive maintenance and management, and optimised uptime

Furthermore, the condition-based monitoring functionality of the Alderley smart system supports the early detection and prevention of potential faults to maximise uptime.

And in the event of failure, the system’s deep-dive capabilities allows the operator to pinpoint the poorly performing or failed instrument and system, conduct remote troubleshooting actions and, if required, relay detailed diagnostics to the mobilised maintenance team to optimise the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the resource.

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