• LNG Metering-Cryogenic LNG metering system

    Flow Metering Calculations Training

    Specific Metering Calculations Training for Liquid and Gas systems including principles of proving, sampling and chromatographs.

Flow Metering Calculations Training


3 days


  • Meter proving – functionality principles and key features of pipe and small volume provers
  • Sampling – reasons for sampling, key design parameters and description of a typical system
  • Gas chromatography – principles and practical considerations
  • Density – description of typical instruments and installation/use guidelines
  • Gas metering calculations – basics of gas calculations/measurement units, calculations for orifice metering and ultrasonic metering, primary ISO & AGA gas property calculations
  • Liquid metering calculations – basics of liquid calculations/measurement units, calculations for turbine, ultrasonic and coriolis meters, densitometers, proving, liquid property calculations

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  • 16 March 2020 - Wickwar
  • 05 April 2020 - Dubai
  • 18 May 2020 - Nigeria
  • 07 June 2020 - Abu Dhabi
  • 14 June 2020 - Qatar
  • 05 July 2020 - Dammam

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Competency certificate awarded on successful completion and assessment.

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