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    Obsolescence Management Support

    Equipment obsolescence can have a severe impact on the availability of metering systems; however, you can avoid significant costs down the line by managing it early and frequently.

No matter what equipment you are using, Alderley provides a high standard of timely, monitored support to meet your exact requirements.

We at Alderley understand how important it is to provide our clients with obsolescence management support. With our industry and regulatory knowledge, not to mention technical expertise, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best possible service and solutions for your needs. We also adhere to best practice guidelines set out by The International Standard for Obsolescence Management.

From meters to valves, flow computers, supervisory computers and Windows operating systems, we offer continuous monitoring of equipment availability. We’ll even provide a quarterly report on the status of your equipment, using a colour-coded indicator to show what equipment is available, what is approaching obsolescence or has limited stock, and what is obsolete.

Obsolescence Management
Obsolescence Management

In cases where equipment is obsolete, we can advise you on substitute equipment or comprehensive upgrade options. We can also assist by conducting equipment purchase analysis; investigating off-the-shelf sources; exploring system redesigns to keep them in-line with new technologies; and even storing discontinued equipment.

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