• Digital and Cyber Security Upgrades

    Enhancing performance through state-of-the-art digital, connected and software upgrades, including cyber security upgrades to protect your most valuable assets.

Enhancing performance through state-of-the-art digital, connected and software upgrades

Connected and Digital

Throughout its history, Alderley has been at the forefront of providing expertly engineered and fully integrated innovative solutions for the global energy industry.  And this trend continues into the modern digital and connected world.

With extensive experience in digital, controls and connected technologies, our experts can modify and upgrade your existing equipment to utilise the latest, state-of-the-art technologies such as connectivity and IoT, remote monitoring and control for optimum efficiency, and simulation and modelling to support decision making.


Protecting your assets

There are many efficiencies from an increasingly digitalised and connected world. However, there are also many threats due to system vulnerabilities and malicious cyber-attacks.

As with any process system, unplanned downtime of an operator’s flow computer and control system can have a significant impact on operational and bottom-line performance.

That’s why our control system experts recommend that your operating system is routinely updated for the latest security patches, or upgraded with a particular emphasis on cyber security to support optimum safety and asset performance.  

Cyber Security Upgrades

Two key factors underpin our approach to cyber security upgrades:

  • ensuring that it complies with Operation Technology Cyber Security standards ISA 99 / 62443.
  • that it is functional from an output perspective; ensuring the upgraded systems are fit for purpose and continue to support effective and efficient operations.

This approach has and continues to be applied for the benefit of our customers, including development of an independent domain control cyber security network – the first to be installed by a metering system integrator in the Middle East.

Contact us to discuss your digital, connected and cyber security upgrade needs.  Or if you are just seeking advice on next steps.  

Case Study: Cyber Security Upgrade

Click below to download our latest cyber security system upgrade and see how you can benefit from the Alderley experience.


Cyber Security Case Study