• Metering Service

    Metering Services

    Offering the right support package with your metering system is important to us. We therefore have a complete range of customer care and support services tailored to meet your
    exact requirements.

From delivery support to lifetime care, our customer care and support packages will meet your exact requirements.

Installation and Commisioning

Installation and Commissioning Services

An important part of our project delivery, our engineers will ensure that your system is installed with maximum efficiency. Alderley’s engineers are highly skilled in providing you with the support you would expect from a company that is best in class.

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Maintenance Contracts

Customer Care and System Maintenance Contracts

Our work with your company continues well after installation, so the contracts between Alderley and your organisation are designed for a lifetime. Understanding that it is more efficient to prevent a problem than to repair it once it has happened, Alderley’s customer care ensures that you get the maximum value from your assets.

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Brownfield Metering Upgrades

Brownfield Metering Upgrades

We are focused on providing world class products and services that will add value to our clients’ processes. We have seen many of our customers make significant investments in their installations to maximise production volumes and believe that Alderley is ideally placed to help get the most from your existing assets.

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Metering Spares

Metering and Controls Spares

Alderley’s customer service can assist you with your spares management for all Alderley supplied systems. Through planned maintenance schedules, management of spares and repair services, we help customers plan their Operation Expenditure (OPEX) as well as assist in reducing costs associated with downtime and carrying excess inventory.

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Hazardous Area Inspection

Hazardous Area Inspection and Design Services

Alderley can provide ongoing hazardous area inspection, maintenance, testing and design services to ensure you remain compliant to industry regulations. Whether onshore or offshore, Alderley have the equipment and experience of CompEx or IECEx Certified Inspectors to support your internal technical services department.

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Metering Training class


Alderley’s metering and controls training programmes offer best in class courses that can meet the needs of your staff, whether training for a specific project or piece of equipment.

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