• Maintenance Contracts

    Customer Care and System Maintenance Contracts

    Our work with your company continues well after installation, so the contracts between Alderley and your organisation are designed for a lifetime. Understanding that it is more efficient to prevent a problem than to repair it once it has happened, Alderley's customer care ensures that you get the maximum value from your assets.

Alderley’s Customer Care Contracts are as bespoke as our applications, but can typically include a guaranteed call out time, 24/7 support, periodic system health checks and off-site software backups and training.

Ensuring your company gets the maximum performance from your system, Alderley’s Maintenance Contracts offer expert project management and maintenance control, dedicated engineers and technicians, the development of necessary manuals and procedures, and a planned maintenance schedule.

Maintenance Contracts, working onsite
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Maintenance Contracts can also include work planning and scheduling, progress and management reporting, documentation control, including any required updates, engineering proposals, quality control and safety management.

Contact us to find out more about our Customer Care and System Maintenance Contracts or to discuss your specific requirements further.