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    Condition Based Monitoring

    To help keep your entire measurement system healthy and operational, Alderley can provide continuous health checks through Condition Based Monitoring (CBM).

Our proactive Condition Based Monitoring approach means we can identify potential problems and failures in your equipment, and schedule maintenance exactly when it’s needed

Identify potential issues and proactively maintain operational performance.

There are numerous instruments and systems that can be monitored using CBM, including Ultrasonic, Coriolis and Orifice meters; transmitters; chromatographs; flow computers; process data and motorised valves. As well as comparing output for identical instruments in the same application, we can gather live meter diagnostic information and live Gas Chromatograph (GC) diagnostic information. We also provide third-party tools for obtaining in-depth diagnostics of GCs and flow meters.

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Not only is Condition Based Monitoring widely considered to be a best practice approach, but it can also significantly minimise operational costs by reducing – and in some cases removing – the need for preventative maintenance.

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