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    Condition Based Monitoring

    To help keep your entire measurement system healthy and operational, Alderley can provide continuous health checks through Condition Based Monitoring (CBM).

Our proactive Condition Based Monitoring approach means we can identify potential problems and failures in your equipment, and schedule maintenance exactly when it’s needed

The cost of mismeasurement

Understanding and controlling your flow measurement system uncertainty is of paramount importance.

Many operators adopt a time-based approach to maintenance and instrument calibration. However, this costly practice – in terms of both time and money – can prove unnecessary and leave you exposed. That’s why our Services experts recommend a condition-based maintenance approach for your metering system.

CBM Features
CBM Overview

Condition Based Monitoring

Through continuous assessment of your equipment, Alderley’s innovative Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) solution supports the early detection of potential problems with your assets.

This means you can schedule maintenance exactly when it is needed – ensuring ongoing performance and reducing the unnecessary costs incurred through time-based or reactive maintenance practices.

Instruments typically monitored include flow meters, gas analysers, motorised valves, transmitters and flow computers.



  • Assured system performance
  • Prompt fault identification
  • Prompt fault resolution
  • Reduced risk of downtime
  • Reduced costs
  • Peace of mind

Integrated uncertainty assessment

An optional Dynamic Uncertainty module can be incorporated into every CBM solution.

With uncertainty calculations automatically triggered by an event or detected parameter changing, you can gain real-time uncertainty performance updates – including a tangible  uncertainty deviation – informing the potential financial exposure from mismeasurement and supporting decision-making.


Minimising the risk of downtime

The built-in troubleshooting within Alderley’s CBM provides instant guidance to on-site operators. This helps you to resolve issues / take appropriate steps to reduce the impact of faults on-site – minimising the risks of downtime.

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Delivering peace of mind

For complete peace of mind, our expert Services team can be on-hand to support remotely or in-person.

With an Alderley Healthcare support package, our experts will gain an intimate understanding of your system and take proactive steps to optimise performance throughout the life of your asset.

In the event of a fault identified through CBM, our dedicated Services team will provide prompt and detailed remote support to resolve your issue. And if required, we will mobilise to your site with guaranteed call-out times to best maintain your performance.


Contact service@alderley.com for more information and to discuss your system requirements.


Download the Condition Based Monitoring Flyer:

CBM Overview