• Brownfield Metering Control Upgrades

    Brownfield Metering

    We are focused on providing world class products and services that will add value to our clients’ processes.

    We have seen many of our customers make significant investments in their installations to maximise production volumes and believe that Alderley is ideally placed to help get the most from your existing assets. 

Alderley maximise performance from existing assets ensuring measurement uncertainty.

Detailed site surveys beforehand mean that your existing installations and systems are fully understood – including analysis of historic metering reports and log files.

Our engineers will gauge how productivity fluctuates as well as the upper and lower flow rates that move through a system.

We always advise companies to carefully consider existing sales agreements, as ‘older’ contracts may include measurement principles that don’t tie in with today’s best available technologies.

Before upgrade, after upgrade
Before upgrade - during commission

Providing local support to oil and gas companies globally, our team of highly skilled and specialist engineers can assess and implement works for any technically demanding application both onshore and offshore.

Our capabilities include fast track projects, refurbishment and upgrades to instrumentation, meter, valves, sampling and analysis equipment through to support by maintenance and lifetime care contracts.

Contact us to find out more or to discuss brownfield upgrades in more detail.

Project Experience

For further insights into our extensive experience of metering upgrades, contact us or choose one of the following case studies:

Crude Oil Metering

Crude-Oil Metering Replacement North Sea

Dunlin Alpha, northern North Sea, approx. 195km north east of Shetland

Crude Oil Metering

Thistle Platform, 125 miles north east of Sumburgh, Shetland Islands