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    Obsolescence Management Support

    Equipment obsolescence can have a severe impact on the availability of system instrumentation and consequently your operations. Avoid significant costs later in your equipment's life through frequent assessment and proactive obsolescence management.

Regardless of OEM for installed equipment, Alderley provides a high standard of timely, monitored support to meet your obsolescence management requirements

Equipment obsolescence can have significant operational and commercial consequences if not appropriately managed.

To help our customers avoid the detrimental impact caused by unplanned obsolescence, Alderley can provide full obsolescence management support. Intimate industry and regulatory knowledge coupled with our leading technical expertise allows us to offer availability for continuous monitoring of equipment, including meters, valves, flow computers, control systems, supervisory computers and Windows operating systems. As part of our obsolescence management services, a quarterly report from our technical team provides a status update on your equipment to support timely decision-making processes. We also adhere to best practice guidelines set out by The International Standard for Obsolescence Management.    

Obsolescence Management
Obsolescence Management

In cases where equipment is or will soon become obsolete, we can advise you on substitute equipment or comprehensive upgrade options. We can further assist by conducting equipment purchase analysis, investigating off-the-shelf sources, exploring system redesigns to keep them in line with new technologies, and even storing discontinued equipment with our parts and spares management solutions.

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