• Inspection Services

    Our dedicated inspection experts will conduct close, visual and detailed inspection checks to ensure safe and efficient operations. And with fully integrated capabilities, we can provide prompt solutions for any remedial actions required.

With over 50 years of experience in delivering engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry, Alderley have the experience and expertise to provide accurate assessment of your equipment

Inspection Services

Ensuring asset integrity is vital for the safety of your staff and the reliability of your operations. 

Failure of your equipment could lead to unplanned shut-down, millions of dollars of lost production, or even worse, result in serious injury and environmental damage.

Accordingly, HSE experts recommend that regular inspection and maintenance is planned for as a critical part of your operations.

Why inspect: Faulty equipment causes costly disruptions.

Effective inspection is essential for your operation to:

  • Adhere to statutory regulations and prove compliance
  • Ensure system safety and asset integrity
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Enhance operational performance
  • Prevent shut-downs
  • Reduce costs

Alderley and SMS Inspection Services, Powered by Inspection Manager™

Powered by Inspection Manager, our inspection team will fully assess your metering, produced water treatment, hydraulic and electrical systems whilst providing instant and actionable insights to support any remedial actions – all of which can be completed by the Alderley Aftermarket Services team for a prompt resolution.

Inspection Manager is a fully digital and intuitive application-based system supporting the effective completion of inspection checks on equipment.

Inspection Manager can also be used to simultaneously collate punch points for any faults identified. Utilising the sync function, this provides real-time data access to optimise fault identification efficiency and resolve any issues within a critical timescale, helping to reduce shut-down times.

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