• Hazardous Area Inspection

    Hazardous Area Inspection and Design Services

    Our Services experts can provide ongoing hazardous area inspection, maintenance, testing and design services to ensure you remain compliant with industry regulations.

Alderley’s technical expertise enables us to support you with your inspections and maintenance routines to ensure best asset performance for any metering and control system.

Should any gaps exist between the condition of your installations and the relevant regulatory requirements, Alderley will clarify these and work with you to correct any compliance weaknesses.

Alderley have extensive experience in the field of hazardous areas:

• EX



• BS EN/IEC 60079-14

• BS EN/IEC 60079-17

• DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations)

Hazardous Area Inspection
Hazardous Area Inspection and Design Services

Hazardous area inspection and design services include:

  • Electrical surveys
  • Electrical maintenance programmes
  • Hazardous area inspection of existing and new equipment
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance routines
  • Ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations
  • Installation and maintenance project management
  • Annual inspections, audits and upgrades
  • Explosion protection documents
  • Descriptive System Documents (DSDs) for I.S. Loops
  • Enclosure heat dissipation and terminal sizing calculations
  • Compiling Ex registers to conform with international compliance
  • Electrical equipment selection for new and existing plants
  • Ex remedial repairs

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