• Tertiary Treatment

    Tertiary Produced Water Treatment

    Utilising Alderley’s primary and secondary water treatment systems, we are able to meet the majority of the requirements for discharge limits, however, further water polishing can be achieved through filtration and coalescence.

    Alderley can supply the final cleaning stage before water is discharged overboard or re-injected, with products such as cartridge filters, nutshell and media filters, coalescing filters and adsorption filters.

From design of systems to management of the entire process, our engineers will be able to advise the best technologies for
further polishing.

The job of further reducing the oil content in water becomes harder when there is less oil present, but Alderley’s extensive range of polishing technologies for tertiary produced water treatment, the removal of the very fine suspended solids and oil droplets, and treat dissolved oils and organics can be easily achieved.

Our international fabrication network means our produced water treatment systems can be manufactured at a number of locations.

Tertiary Produced Water Treatment - Coalescing
Tertiary Produced Water Treatment - Nutshell Filters

Nutshell media are typically used onshore and remove the final free oil and suspended solids held in the produced water. Alderley’s coalescing filters can maximise and enhance the performance of traditional separation equipment, the standard polishing stage or as a guard filter to protect your equipment downstream.

Our adsorption filters use a range of cartridges and bulk media to treat dissolved oils and organics such as BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene) and free oil for the highest environmental standards.

We have many technologies and vast experience in all types of produced water treatment.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.