• Primary Produced Water treatment

    Separation and Primary Produced Water Treatment

    With a variety of solutions to support upstream sand removal to your protect instruments, separators and collection vessels to maximise your hydrocarbon recovery, or deoiling hydrocyclones to cleanse your produced water at the primary phase, we are your the ideal partner for your separation and water treatment needs.

To maximise recovery and process efficiency, or optimise produced water treatment for discharge - whatever your objective, we have the right solution for you.

The primary produced water treatment and separation packages that we design and build involve many different elements – from upstream sand removal using solid/liquid hydrocyclones at wellhead conditions, to multi-phase separators and collection vessels, and further solid/liquid and liquid/liquid hydrocyclones.


2 and 3 Phase Separators

For the separation of gas/liquid, or gas/oil/liquid, our 2 and 3 phase separators are designed and built to the latest international standards.

Primary Produced Water treatment – Sand Fluidisation

Sand fluidisation and mobilisation

To support efficient separation, we can provide proven sand jetting technologies for the effortless management of solids that have accumulated within the separation vessel – ensuring your separation is kept at its optimum efficiency.


Sand Cleaning

Efficient cleaning of any remaining oil from separated sand is essential for both your organisation’s bottom line and environmental credentials. After effective treatment of this sand, it can be ready for safe disposal. We can design and deliver sand cleaning systems to your company’s needs and regulatory requirements.

Desanding Hydrocyclones

Our desanding hydrocyclone systems range from a 1″ diameter hydrocyclone for high efficiency in solids clarification, to a 3″ diameter hydrocyclone for larger solids, high throughput and minimal pressure drop.

All of our desanding hydrocyclones are able to operate in high pressure, highly erosive wellhead conditions, and can be incorporated into specialist applications, for example, under-balanced drilling.

Desanding hydrocyclones can be supplied as separate item or as part of a complete produced water treatment package, giving your project the best efficiency in the most compact vessel.

Primary Produced Water treatment - Desanding Hydrocyclone
Tekna 2013

Deoiling Hydrocyclones

Our AP20 liquid/liquid or deoiling hydrocyclone has a proven, market leading operational performance. The compact nature of the AP20 deoiling hydrocyclone offers multiple benefits and gives high efficiency, high online turndown and high erosion resistance solution that is also extremely cost effective.

The AP20 can be used in new projects or for retrofitting existing systems, where the fitting of the liner to existing horizontal or vertical vessels without the need or removal of the vessel or any hot work means this system is by far the most economical.

Whether your organisation requires a new produced water treatment solution that incorporates our market leading deoiling hydrocyclone, or the need is to improve your current system’s performance, the AP20 deoiling hydrocyclone is the perfect solution.

This innovative system is designed using the best available technologies, helping to overcome the technical challenges your produced water may present.


We have many technologies and vast experience in all types of produced water treatment.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.

Project Experience

For further insights into our extensive experience of separation and primary produced water treatment systems, contact us or choose one of the following case studies:

Primary Water Treatment Slops Package

Quadrants 204 and 205 of the UKCS, approx. 130km west of Shetland