• Secondary Produced Water Treatment

    Secondary Produced Water Treatment

    With the latest regulations often requiring further water treatment technologies beyond the primary produced water treatment stage, Alderley are expertly placed to provide the total solution and the equipment to continue the polishing of water and solids before discharge or further polishing.

    Alderley can meet your company's secondary produced water treatment requirements through best in class project management and customer support.

Meeting your company's secondary produced water treatment needs with best in class industry experience.

Our engineers have the experience and understanding of applications to provide the most up-to-date designs and technology.

Alderley’s in-house design and assembly capabilities ensure total control of the entire process, from inception to delivery, for example:
Two- and four-cell Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) are available to meet your application’s requirements. The IGF re-entrains and incorporates bubbles of gas into the produced water, which adhere to solids and oil before floating to the top for removal.

Secondary Produced Water Treatment - Compact Flotation
Secondary Produced Water Treatment - Induced Gas Flotation

Degassers release gas through a combination of residence time and the reduction of pressure within the degasser vessel. As with IGF oil droplets are attracted to the gas bubbles, which then overflow into a weir at the opposite end of the vessel.
For a significant process performance on a compact footprint, Compact Flotation Units (CFUs) are used. Alderley’s design effectively combines the merits of an IGF with that of a degaser using bubbles of gas to separate the entrained oil from water.

We have many technologies and vast experience in all types of produced water treatment.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.