Liquid Metering Systems Contract – Jazan Refinery

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Alderley ULS Diesel Metering System - Jazan Rifinery

Alderley FZE has secured a contract to supply six liquid metering systems for the north and south tank farm facilities and truck loading arm facilities at the Jazan Refinery in Saudi Arabia.

The scope of supply for the project includes designing and engineering metering systems for crude oil, ULS diesel, propane, butane, high sulphur fuel and black oil. The crude oil metering system is to be supplied to the South Tank Farm Facilities and will be the largest system to be designed and engineered for this contract.  It will consist of 7 x 16.67% 24” meter runs with a flow rate of nearly 16,000 m³/hr. The systems will utilise helical type turbine metering technology.

The 5 additional liquid metering systems will be supplied to the North Tank Farm.  ULS diesel, propane and butane metering systems will utilise turbine metering technology, the high sulphur fuel metering system will use PD meters and the black oil (vacuum residue) metering system, will utilise coriolis flow metering technology.

Small volume provers will be supplied with the metering systems with the exception of the black oil metering system which will use a master meter due to the high temperature.  Control and Supervisory control systems will also be provided.

Adrian Phillips, Managing Director, Alderley FZE comments, “This is the second contract after the initial Hanwha Engineering and Construction Corp order we have been awarded for the supply of vital measurement equipment for the Jazan Refinery and Terminal project, giving us fourteen metering skids in total.  We have a long history of delivering projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are pleased that we can continue to support the country’s industrial infrastructure.”

The six metering systems will be engineered, designed and manufactured at Alderley’s Dubai facilities with support from our local Saudi facility in Dammam.  Delivery of the metering systems is expected to be completed in first quarter of 2016.