Growing in-Kingdom: Moaid Alhassan, Site Technician

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With our new facility successfully up and running in Dammam, allowing to fulfil higher quantities of orders than ever before, Alderley continue to actively enhance their in-Kingdom capabilities. This goes hand-in-hand with identifying and developing young local talent and putting them at the heart of our growth and investments in-Kingdom.

We have previously spoken to Mishal, who has since grown from Graduate Engineer to Project Engineer. Now we had the opportunity to speak to Moaid Alhassan, an ambitious young man who first joined Alderley as a Workshop Technician before being promoted to join the Dammam Service team as Site Technician at the beginning of this year.

From the day he joined Alderley, Moaid has been very eager to learn and demonstrated a strong drive to develop himself and his skills. His outstanding work recently saw him join our team of Systems Engineers to execute various skid commissioning work in-house as well as travelling to sites across Saudi Arabia. We have talked to Moaid about his experience before joining Alderley, his time in the Services Department, and his advice for fellow young talent.

Moaid Alhassan“Since my middle and high school studies it has always been my goal to become a mechanic technician and keeping that in mind, I worked hard and graduated from high school with excellent grades. Afterwards, I searched for an institute that focuses on educating mechanical technicians and found Jubail Technical Institute in Jubail, which is located two hours away from my home city. However, my love of mechanics meant that distance will not prevent me from reaching my dream.

A few years later, I graduated from the Institute with an Honours Degree in Mechanical Maintenance. I am proud to say that I was then chosen as one of four students to run a mechanical project for three months that involved the use of robots. We finished that big project ahead of time, and it represented a great personal achievement in my life, because it was my first ever project. 

I then worked for a variety of companies and learned new things in my field before joining Alderley, where I saw a great match for my qualifications along with the opportunity to acquire new skills and experience in order to develop myself and the company in the future. Alderley also has a reputation for their efficiency and achievements, and that it offers opportunities to fulfil your ambitions for the future.

When I joined Alderley, I started in the Production department, which opened many doors through the understanding of mechanics, electricity, precision machinery and the sheer diversity in work, which helped me gain knowledge in other areas.

With the help of the Alderley management as well as my colleagues I moved to the Service department, which means a lot as it gives me the opportunity to develop and solve things related to mechanical and electrical maintenance. This also allows to come up with new ideas how to best serve the companies in the coming years, and this is what I wish.

In conclusion, I advise everyone to develop themselves in a variety of disciplines to help develop the team in particular and the company in general, which is exactly what we do at Alderley. I strongly believe we will continue to be at the top because of the environment we create internally and the great support of management.”


Watch this space for more news from Dammam, as well as further insights from our young local talents.