Growing in-Kingdom: Mishal Alsaleh, Graduate Engineer

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Earlier this week, you heard about the latest developments in the worlds of Alex and Simos, who are completing the Alderley Corporate Grad Scheme. However, this is not the only way to join Alderley as a young and motivated engineer. Across all of our locations, we are continuously on the lookout for local and extraordinary minds as they embark into the workplace from school or university. This is what Mishal and Khalid, two talented graduate engineers who joined the company in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, towards the end of last year, have done. As potential future leaders, they are a key part of the growth and investments Alderley is undertaking in-Kingdom now and in the future (check out our post from a couple of weeks ago here).

As part of the Year of Engineering, a UK government initiative that we are applying to all of our global locations to raise awareness about this fascinating and rewarding career path, we have talked to Mishal about his experiences before joining Alderley, why he chose to join the company, and his impressions so far.

“It has always been my dream to be an engineer. The reason is crystal clear: engineering clarifies the dynamics of the surrounding environment, gives us the self-satisfaction by contributing to the society in a more tangible way, and makes everyone’s life easier by creating new products and finding solutions.

In my college life, my main concern was to understand every single engineering theory in terms of how it can be applicable in real life to build a solid personal infrastructure by getting the maximum possible knowledge that could make me an effective engineer. I consider myself a good leader, that’s why I have taken the lead in every academic project that I was assigned to. Leadership is not about giving orders, it is about contributing more than anyone else by doing your tasks efficiently, motivating the team members and keeping them on track of every single action. In addition to the solid engineering background and seeking out leadership, I tried to widen my creative thinking by coming up with a new product in our senior project that revolved around finding ways to help paraplegic people walk again.

I have gained further practical experience from my internship with one of the leading companies in the world for pipes production. It was here that I discovered my interest in oil & gas related product manufacturing. The thing that set it apart from any other industry for me was that it combines almost all of the different engineering disciplines in an integrated manner.

After graduating from university, I thought about joining an oil & gas products manufacturer. Fortunately, after a few weeks of searching, I found Alderley and I was very impressed with what I read in terms of the objectives and achievements of the company. I’ve never imagined that one day I would find and work in a company where I can apply a lot of different engineering theories; nevertheless, I found this in Alderley. And what’s more: It is not only about engineering work – in Alderley, I am getting training on the management side as well. The training scheme for the fresh engineers in our company gives us the desired skills that make us competent to do such work. We are also being encouraged in our innovative thinking, which helps us to incrementally improve our role.

The integration of the trustworthy management, motivational environment and engineering experience makes it the best place to work in. At Alderley we are not colleagues, we are an engineering family.”


Watch this space for more news from Dammam, as well as further insights from Mishal as he progresses his journey with Alderley in-Kingdom.