Alderley appoint new Technical Sales Director for Metering

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Since measuring the first oil from the North Sea, we have accrued more than 50 years of experience in providing metering solutions. Today, Flow Measurement remains at the heart of our solutions, and we have taken the time to talk to Dave Hart, who has joined Alderley as Technical Sales Director – Metering with a wealth of experience in the world of flow measurement. Read on for Dave’s first impressions of Alderley, how the industry has changed, and the next big thing in metering.

Dave, can you please introduce yourself and your work experiences prior to joining Alderley?

I began my career in the British Army as an Electronics Engineer specialising in electronic and thermal imaging repair. After serving 8 years, I decided to leave and at the advice of my father transitioned over to the world of instrumentation in the chemical industry. This gave me my first real taste of flow measurement, and when an opportunity arose for me to work as a Metering Specialist I didn’t think twice. I am a firm believer in the learning of fundamentals, and have worked my way through various positions from Specialist to Support Engineer, Lead Engineer, Team Leader and ultimately Technical Authority before joining Alderley.


What fascinates you about Flow Measurement?

Various aspects, from the depth of the core fundamentals down to international standards and the attention to detail required. But the main appeal to me is that there are no absolutes in flow measurement, and you learn something new daily. Every measurement application, technology and installation have their own eccentricities and complexities, presenting various challenges which stimulate me as an Engineer.


What are your first impressions of Alderley?

I am enjoying the role and the company. It has a close-knit family feel to it, which is very welcoming.


What attracted you to join Alderley?

I joined for numerous reasons, both professionally and personally, but having worked in a close-knit environment previously, which was one of the most enjoyable times in my career, this was definitely a big factor in me joining Alderley.


What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?

I am excited to be expanding my knowledge with respect to sales, supply chain, EPCs and customer relations. Working for an operator in a specific role can sometimes make you become insular to other areas of your discipline and industry.


How has the industry changed during your career?

It is no secret that the industry has changed drastically over the last couple of decades. From my perspective some of the biggest changes are related to the realisation of organisations/operators with regards to how volatile the industry is – they are much more cautious now in their spending. Other big changes include significant technological advances and the shift in organisational culture.


What does the future hold for Alderley?

The future will be challenging, but I believe there are signs of a recovery in the market, which can only be good for Alderley. More and more projects are now coming to fruition with stability forecast for the industry over the next few years. The outlook on the UKCS and NCS also gives positive signs that new developments and exploration activity is increasing again, which should yield opportunities in the future for us as a company.


What do you think will be the next big thing in metering?

Digitisation or the ‘digital revolution’. Although the technology is already here, the industry has been slow to embrace it. However, we are seeing more and more applications in the industry requiring this, not only on the physical measurement equipment but also with respect to data protocols (cue the Cloud, data transmission, processing and diagnostics etc).


What is the most important thing your career has taught you?

There is nothing wrong with saying “I do not know”. Never stop learning because what got you to where you are now probably won’t get you to where you want to be.


What has been the most memorable event in your career?

Receiving a commendation for my military service during an operational tour of Kosovo.


How are you spending your free time?


I enjoy most sports and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy the cinema and socialising as well as enjoying the occasional whiskey or gin.

I am a big lover of the outdoors, and recently bought a VW Transporter with a view to some form of conversion and travelling more with my kids.