Alderley appoint new Global Sales Director

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As part of our continued investment into our Modular Package product portfolio, we have taken the time to talk to Vince McCulloch, who has joined Alderley as Global Sales Director with a wealth of experience in the world of oil and gas. Read on for Vince’s first impressions of Alderley, how the industry as a whole has changed, and why ADIPEC is such an important event in the Alderley calendar.


Vince, can you please introduce yourself and your work experiences prior to joining Alderley?

Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, I am married to my beautiful wife Julie and together we have a son, David, and daughter, Helen, both of whom have now graduated and are working in Newcastle. I have always worked in the global oil and gas industry, initially in the high specification high energy API pump segment, from there moving on to process gas compression and then to upstream natural gas compression packages. For the past 10 years I have been working out of Dubai.


What are your first impressions of Alderley?

The people, without a doubt. I have witnessed exceptionally high levels of expertise across all functions, and everyone’s product knowledge and dedication are outstanding features and credit to the company. The quality of the product is remarkably high – but how do you get the packages out of the gate? I am definitely looking forward to witnessing that soon.


What attracted you to join Alderley?

Alderley is a British company with strong roots in the local area, a commitment which is demonstrated by supporting the 2018 Year of Engineering and various community engagement. Alderley are a well-respected business who have transitioned into a global player in the markets served, and I believe the Modular Package model is forward-thinking and key to future successes. The real pull was the people I met during the selection process – their passion for the Alderley business is contagious!


How has the industry changed during your career?

From a supplier perspective, mergers and acquisitions have reduced the number of equipment suppliers, which is a good and a bad thing – good in terms of breadth of scope, yet bad in terms of having the flexibility and agility to meet customer’s changing demands. Over the past few years this has somewhat been reversing, where the smaller companies are becoming more successful being able to offer high specification bespoke equipment and adapting quickly to the changing market dynamic. We are seeing new entrants into the market, particularly from China, whose manufacturing companies are addressing perceived quality issues and gradually appearing on vendor lists. Our customers have lost some of the loyalty previously afforded to suppliers, partly due to the dilution of identity and heritage of companies swallowed up in the merger and acquisition cycle, and expect more for less, meaning we must work hard to justify the cost of a quality product and service.


What does the future hold for Alderley?

Having succeeded during one of the toughest downturns in our segment is a credit to the way Alderley is managed. As the market recovers and stabilises, Alderley have the structure, focus, flexibility and product to be hugely successful.


What is the most important thing your career has taught you?

People drive businesses and are a company’s most valuable asset. Also to have patience with our customers, learning how to listen and persevere no matter how difficult.


What is the most memorable event in your career?

I am very fortunate to work in an industry I really enjoy, and I think the greater the challenge the more satisfying a successful outcome. Winning a multi-million dollar order from a Middle East NOC which required bringing together multiple business units and product streams to combine a single offering was challenging in the extreme, but the outcome was worth the sleepless nights.


What do you do in your free time?

I will first of all need to work out how to survive a British winter after so many years in the Middle East, as my main pursuits involve two wheels; I enjoy road cycling and motorbikes. I own three motorbikes, a Harley Davidson, a Triumph and a Norton Commando, and am looking forward to enjoying the Gloucestershire roads once the temperature (or my cold weather tolerance) increases.


ADIPEC will be your first outing in your new role at Alderley. What makes ADIPEC special, and what are your objectives for the show?

ADIPEC is the key exhibition in the Middle East, until recently it was a biennial event, but due to its popularity is now held annually. The exhibition is the perfect place to showcase Alderley to the major NOCs and EPCs, most of whom exhibit or attend, and they do take note of which suppliers have the regional commitment by participating. We need to showcase the Alderley message, build relationships with our key customers and demonstrate our commitment to serving the Middle East market.


If you would like to grab him for a chat and a coffee, Vince will be at ADIPEC from Monday to Thursday this week. Or book an appointment here.