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    LNG Metering

    Our experience includes all metering techniques in varied applications along with analytical systems, provers and control panels.

    Having manufactured custody metering stations for liquefied gases since 1977, Alderley's systems have formed an industry standard for custody transfer metering of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) around the world.

Extensive experience in tackling challenges such as cryogenic temperatures, low fluid lubricity and potential flashing.

LNG continues to be economical to transport due to its reduction in volume when compared to its gaseous state.

Considered a ‘clean fuel’ when compared to other fossil fuels, the trade in LNG has shown considerable growth with technology advancements in the liquefaction of LNG, resulting in reduced processing costs. In turn, this growth is helping to reshape the measurement industry.

LNG metering systems
LNG metering systems

Alderley have worked with meter manufacturers to deliver coriolis and ultrasonic metering solutions that meet the specific requirements and challenges that LNG metering applications bring. Our engineers are masters in the art of systems integration. In-house design and assembly capabilities ensure total control of the timeline.

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Project Experience

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