• Transfer and Storage Solutions

    Whether internal or to third parties, be certain about your custody transfer processes. Our solutions help maximise process efficiency while ensuring accuracy.

Transfer your product in the most reliable and accurate way to protect both your bottom-line and the environment

Truck Loading and Unloading Skids

Ensuring reliable, accurate and seamless transfer of your hydrocarbons is of paramount importance. That is why our loading and unloading skids are tailored specifically to your needs, whilst incorporating over 50 years of our custody transfer metering experience.

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Flow Measurement Solutions

Gas or liquid; metering, sampling or proving – our intimate knowledge of flow measurement solutions helps you achieve your financial, contractual and regulatory commitments.

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Surge Relief Systems

Our Surge Relief Systems are built with both accident prevention and equipment longevity in mind, responding quickly yet smoothly in an emergency. Through clear specification and correct installation, our experienced engineers can design and manufacture Surge Relief Systems for pipelines, storage terminals and marine loading and offloading that will prevent accidents while limiting damage to equipment.

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