• Secondary Produced Water Treatment

    Secondary Produced Water Treatment

    The latest regulations often require further water treatment technologies beyond the primary produced water treatment stage.

    Our technical experts can advise and provide integrated solutions to enhance the polishing of water and solids to meet your needs.

Enhanced conditioning of produced water and solids in preparation for discharge, reuse or further treatment

Our engineers have the experience and understanding of applications to provide the most up-to-date designs and technology. With in-house design and assembly capabilities, we can guarantee quality from inception to delivery.


Induced Gas Flotation

Two- and four-cell Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) separators are available to meet your application’s requirements. IGF reintroduces and incorporates bubbles of gas into the produced water, which adhere to solids and oil before floating to the top of the vessel where they are skimmed off. Chemicals may also be added to the system to improve the adherence of particles and help break down emulsions.

Secondary Produced Water Treatment - Compact Flotation
Secondary Produced Water Treatment - Induced Gas Flotation


Typically operated at close to atmospheric pressure, degassers liberate the dissolved gas from produced water to form millions of tiny bubbles. In a similar way to IGF, these gas bubbles adhere to residual oil droplets which they carry to the surface for removal.  

Compact Flotation Units

For significant process performance on a minimal footprint, our Compact Flotation Units (CFUs) employ the proprietary Alderley diffuser swirl device to form a ‘soft spin’ cyclon that creates optimum gas bubble size and distribution for maximum oil recovery. And by using our multi-step pressure drop inlet, we can maximise efficiency whilst reducing the need for chemical usage.  

We are familiar with a wide range of technologies and have acquired vast experience in all types of produced water treatment.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.