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    Oil and Liquid Metering

    With engineers fully versed in the latest standards and technologies to meet modern demands for oil and liquid metering systems, Alderley consistently deliver high accuracy metering, proving, master metering and calibration packages.

Delivering fiscal, custody transfer and allocation metering systems since 1959

Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of application challenges in different markets and environments.

Our intimate knowledge of metering technologies such as turbine, coriolis, ultrasonic and PD meters enables us to integrate your requirements into a 360° solution to meet your flow measurement and uncertainty requirements.  This includes: sampling and analysis including water cut, density, viscosity, vapour pressure and composition; proving and calibration including bi-directional ball provers, compact provers, master metering and water draw calibration systems; and metering and control supervisory systems.



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Liquid Metering System

With an impressive client base that extends from the Middle East to Australasia and from Africa to North America, Alderley’s use of local facilities and workforce ensures expert knowledge is always on hand throughout a project.


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Project Experience

For further insights into our extensive experience of oil and liquid metering systems, contact us or choose one of the following case studies:

Fiscal Oil Metering

Liquid Metering System

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