• Sampling and Analysis

    Metering Sampling and Analysis

    Whether you require a standalone system or full integration as part of a Modular Package, Alderley have the expertise to bring all metering sampling and analysis specifications to life.

    Our extensive experience in the area means we can guarantee a solution that will meet application needs and comply with all national and international standards.

Bespoke metering sampling and analysis solutions that ensure compliance with national and international regulations

It goes without saying that all high accuracy gas flow measurement requires representative product quality measurement in the form of metering sampling and analysis systems.

Therefore, there is a requirement to integrate real-time measurement of density, chromatographic composition, Wobbe index, calorific value, dewpoint and sulphur into a gas metering package with associated pressure reduction, filtration and gas conditioning systems.

sample analysis
Sampling and Analysis

Alderley have the vast skillset required to provide all metering sampling and analysis systems commonly associated with liquid custody transfer, including fast loop or insertion automatic sample systems with single or multiple atmospheric or pressurised sample receivers, density and viscosity measurement, and water cut analysis.

We can also provide a solution to satisfy less common requirements such as RVP analysers and LPG chromatographs. Our systems are supplied complete with all necessary mixing (static or powered) to ensure samples are fully representative.

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