• Gas Metering

    Gas Metering

    Whichever technology you prefer, whatever your budget and whatever the application, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to deliver high accuracy gas metering packages to suit your needs.

    With flow measurement solutions successfully installed in a variety of countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and the UK, Alderley have considerable experience in all types of gas metering systems and associated instrumentation.

With extensive experience in delivering all types of gas metering systems, including for hydrogen and helium, Alderley can engineer and deliver the right solution for your needs

The flow measurement solutions Alderley have provided to the gas industry range from single stream skids to complex, fully integrated multi-stream gas metering systems, and from 2″ orifice plates to 48″ ultrasonic meters.

Whether ultrasonic meters for reduced uncertainty, high turndown, wide range of capacity and low maintenance; orifice meters for simple, proven designs at a relatively low cost; turbine meters for low cost, accurate and repeatable designs; Venturi meters for low pressure loss, low maintenance and proven technology suitable for wet gas; or Coriolis meters for direct mass flow measurements that are accurate and reliable – Alderley have the knowledge, experience and technical ability to deliver the right gas metering system solution for your needs.

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As an independent company, our engineering experts identify, design and integrate the most appropriate technology for your requirements, whilst also working to minimise your total cost of acquisition – meeting both your operational and commercial needs.  And as with every solution, we always deliver the quality, reliability and support you would expect from Alderley.

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Project Experience

For further insights into our extensive experience of gas metering systems, contact us or choose one of the following case studies:

Natural Gas Metering


Quadrants 204 and 205 of the UKCS, approx. 130km west of Shetland

Natural Gas Metering

Block PM 309 of the South China Sea, approx. 150km offshore Malaysia